Saturday, January 3, 2015


(Memories. My phone was obviously hijacked)

I was just clearing rearranging some stuff on one of my shelves and I was looking through some old paper documents to see what could be useful and what could be thrown away. As I went through my folders, I came across one where it contained most of what I've done during my days in CPU-mainly to do with writing, mainly Writer's Craft and ENG4U (because I was proud of those works).

I was re-reading all the stuff I have done, from different analysing perspectives to my own written work of fiction, from tips and "how-to's" to comments in my finals submissions. It brought back a lot of memories and also, I was awed. It's been a year since I've started doing purely graphic design and quite frankly, I've forgotten how much enjoyment it also gave me to write, to compose, to describe. As I scrolled through paper by paper, noticing all the little details I could've improved on, or even just realising simple grammatical errors, I was slowly amazed at the ability of how much I actually wrote during my first 6 months in CPU.

I realised very soon, that I missed that feeling. The feeling of racking my brains on how to put my thoughts into words, searching up the mental Thesaurus filled with vocabulary I've collected over the years. The feeling of just listening to my fingers glide through the keys on my laptop, seeing word by word magically appear on my Microsoft Word document. I then recalled, that throughout my secondary life, I have done mostly writing than actually drawing, and with no doubt, describing with words is and always will be what I'm most comfortable with. I remember how I've always gotten so excited whenever I reached a bookstore, not only judging books by their covers (admit it, you all do that) but also judging the first chapter of every book I cross paths with.

I've always written down my dreams, and try to churn out sequels to them (mostly happy ones), and I'm sure they've become my dreams at least once. I've created so many stories with friends that when I come across the document, I hardly remember that it was me who wrote them. Heck, I remember that I've always wanted my stories published!

Now, you must be thinking "Oh, then why did you choose design if you just wanted to write?" or "Are you regretting your decision now?". NO. I do not AT ALL regret my decision to enter the world of design. Yes, I do miss language and writing and sometimes when I look back, I DO wonder if things would've turned out better with me entering the world of words, but then I look back at what design has given me and I know it's not something I should regret over. My family has always told me "If you want to do something, no matter what obstacles come your way you will find a way to do it", and this has been one of the most precious piece of advice I have ever used whenever I wanted to make decisions.

(Some of the Donuts)

I'm in design now, and if that isn't my passion, I am adding more precious skills into what I can do in the future. I don't have to always use design as a job, I can use it to entertain my future kids (if I ever have any), I can use it to help people, and many many more. Sure, I can't draw well or take magnificent pictures, but with me in the course, it has merely motivated me to improve in these aspects that I have abandoned for so long (due to me being in the Science stream, doodling has become almost extinct in my life). My drawing skills have (hopefully) improved, and I can see a lot of improvement in my photography (still learning), all in 1 year! I have also improved in the world of punology and I have also started noticing details a bit more than what I used to (it's a good thing). So in a way, I don't see why I should stop. PLUS, I even more a lot more friends who are just amazing and forever fun to be with!

I will never drift away from my love for words (I'm writing now, it counts) nor am I going to abandon whatever motivation I have for learning as many languages as I can. I don't need ONE passion, I can have many because I will do anything I can to do what I like. I'm now motivated more than ever to write myself a story (and also because I just finished watching Maleficent, it's magnificent) and continue to study all I need for Japanese. I'm not forgetting my piano (resolution is to practice more).

I obviously have so much more to say but it's awfully late, and well I'm going to stop this emotional and draggy blogpost. Guess I just needed to write my thoughts out for a bit, writing is good venting, to me. But thanks for listening! :)


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas y'all!

Hello hello! I know, my hiatus took almost a year now but I can't say I've been a free spirit doing nothing. I've recently started my degree course and that, in itself should be already self-explanatory. 

But that is no excuse, so today, which is Christmas I've decided to present to you a post :P I've been on a punny path lately, excuse my lame-ness. Ho Ho Ho 

So recently, I've made my way to Singapore (yes, like finally. After 10 years) and obviously, decorations were set for Christmas and because I've not seen the development I was pretty excited to what I was about to see. I'm not going to bore you with long posts yet (because I have a lot of stories to tell) but here will be just a sneak preview of what I did in the span of 4 days.

I also took this opportunity to practice my photography skills because chances like this don't come very often, especially when your subject is usually stuffed toys in your house.

this was part of an antique store where I just couldn't resist!

A statue before we crossed the street :)

Of course Singapore was filled with buildings like this

Trying my hand at Street Photography, I actually liked this shot!

This was the road of the coffee shop that we had breakfast at. If I'm not mistaken, it was my first breakfast there hahah

Of course, universal studios is a must visit! And it snowed too :)

Toy soldiers :B

Egyptian part of the park, the popular ride here was... the mummy, cause you'll be screaming for your mummies :p 

The land before time~ huehuehue

This is... Battlestar Galactica!!! It was closed though, at the time :(

The area of one of my most favourite animations! Shrek!!!

Who can ever resist a castle?!

and of course, a picture of Frankenstein :B

That's all the pictures I'm posting today loves, but in due time I will be posting a lot more! My life has been full of progress (I hope) and I also hope that I will be able to churn out more posts (2014 resolution :P) So till next time loves! xoxo


Sunday, June 22, 2014


It's been a long time since I've posted, but if you look at it, it's only been a few months back. Guess time now is moving too fast for us that something that happened less than one year ago can feel like it's been years...

It's been 3 months since I started my degree program. I enjoy it, I learn a lot of new things everyday and the stress I receive is both happy and frustrating.

I figured, since I "started" a whole new life, I might as well give the blog a little makeover. It's not huge, but it's significant enough to see change :3

I'm sorry that I can't really post any artwork yet.. I've been crazy tied up with assignments these 3 months :( But I've learned a lot of pretty cool tricks since I started so I will most likely create more things soon!

Funny thing is though, I've been really overwhelmed with the assignments lately but yet I can't seem to move my butt to really make a move on it. My mind's been blank and ideas just don't seem to come as easily as it used to :/ What's more is that I woke up today with a stiff neck and it's just not helping me at all.

But I've got to dust this blog just so that you know that I'm still here! Hopefully I'd get back to having ideas soon! In the meantime, I need to get out of this procrastination phase.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Japan Trip 2014! (Part 1)

I figured that this is going to be a reaaaal long post so I just sorta decided to split it into parts x)

So I ACTUALLY went to JAPAN *throws confetti*
Would totally cross it off my bucket list but I loved it so much it will stay uncrossed x)

Took a selfie at the airport, I was crazy excited, who wouldn't be right?
First International Family Holiday, and we go to Japan!

Still in disbelief...

Still in disbelief...

7 hours can get pretty boring, so many camwhoring HAHAH

While daylight was still possible.
And STILL. in disbelief.

You can get many pretty shots when you're up in the sky you know,
I'm pretty sure this was a #nofilter but it looks like it had one ._.

Plane food~ It was.. meh HAHAH

I see little ice pieces at my window~ Why can't I put emoji's?! D:

Attempting to get rid of boredom.. *takes pictures of what mom does in the plane*

and FINALLY, the sun begins to set, and I couldn't decide which photo was prettier so HERE YOU GO XD

Going into the night~ 

Flying over the city of Japan..

It finally sank in. I. am. in. Japan.

You wouldn't believe how excited I was HAHAHA
Thinking back, I'm starting to feel excited reading about this again!

Okay, with all the amazing stories, it's definitely normal that the first place I went to in Japan was the toilet, but I did not take a picture of it because I was busy enjoying the buttons hahah

What I did take a picture of IS the vending machine :P
Okay, it's just some normal vending machine, but since it was WINTER, they had both HOT and COLD drinks.

It's really rare that you see really good working vending machines, and believe me, they were all over Tokyo in mint condition!

The first time I'm in winter so a selfie is a must :P
It's about 11pm (Japan time) though HAHAH

And were waiting for our bus to get to the first hotel, Toyoko Inn @ Ota-Ku.

Got on the bus when it came SUPER punctually. Like serious. On the dot. Even if the time stated was based on this ugly time on a digital clock. But seriously, it was on the dot with the DIGITAL clock wth.

If you don't know where I'm from (Malaysia) then you wouldn't understand why I'm so fascinated by this.

In Malaysia, it is REALLY hard to see any form of PUBLIC transport to EVER be on time. Which is why it is really hard to ever estimate how long it will take you to get from one place to another ><

Our room in the budget hotel. Despite it being a budget hotel, it was still very well-kept and the staff were all really hospitable. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

Right, I mentioned that it was about 11pm in Japan right? Well, dad was hungry.

So instead of settling down in the hotel, we walked around in the cold wind, which I actually surprisingly enjoyed. HAHAA

After exploring the 7-Eleven that was right opposite our hotel, we asked the cashier where to get ramen and BLESS ME TINY BIT OF COMPREHENSION OF JAPANESE we managed to find the place,

and had one. of. the. best. ramen. ever.
Not cheap, but it was a good midnight snack. Really good.

And that concluded my first day in Japan. Sorta. HAHAHA
If you're already tired from reading, you can stop right here cause I'm putting a border so you can continue next time? :P


Day 2

View of a typical morning from my hotel window. We only realised after that the windows are NOT tinted and people can actually see us in out jammies HAHA oh well~

Cold, sunny day~

We actually used this day to travel to our main hotel (In Shinagawa) but pretty pictures anyway~ :P

After getting out of the train station in Shinagawa~

 Our Key Card, the hotel was right opposite the station so we just walked there hahah

Messing up the room~

We walked around after that. Despite not knowing where we were going, Japan's signboards are convenient enough to allow us not to get lost and the hotel is right opposite the station so who CAN get lost? 

Bought some strawberries from a Kinokuniya Mart nearby because strawberries in Malaysia are not sweet or huge for that matter. 


Amazingly sweet too! I have never eaten strawberries until I came to Japan and after I left, I didn't eat any strawberries here cause they're sour >o<

We didn't have any permanent plans, so definitely we bought a train ticket and went to Tokyo, like the city Tokyo

It was quieter than I thought actually, probably cause everyone is busy working while we are busy being all tourist-y

Tokyo train station :3 And a bunch of Japanese people taking photos as well hahah

More pictures~ Of my sisters' hand ._.

Right, so we took this tour bus thing (that was free) and it will just bring us on a small tour (let us see the palace and stuff)

Ginza :3

More Ginza :3

It was getting late, actually not really it was like 5 when it started getting dark like omg in Malaysia it gets dark at 8 hahaha

So we went back to the hotel (after dinner, which was at Sukiya) and explored their mall.
Yes, they had a mall. 

We went into the EPSON Aqua Stadium and watched many shows, like Dolphin and Sea Lions. I liked the shows

Pictures of fishes and sea creatures *blub bulb*

It was late night and dad was hungry again so guess what they bought?

The kids were still kinda full though so we didn't exactly had the full enjoyment yet nyeheheh

That concludes Day 2! I will totally blog about the rest next time!